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Server Air Conditioner

Server rooms are at the heart of IT operations, and in order to prevent hardware malfunction and system failure, proper operation and setup is critical.

Unfortunately, in an enclosed space of a server room, the generated heat from equipment can quickly increase the ambient temperature beyond equipment specifications. The life and reliability of machines is compromised, and other disastrous results can follow, including:

  • System crashes
  • Random reboots
  • Overall poor performance

That’s why it’s important to keep your server room’s temperature within the recommended ranges associated with your hardware. Keep in mind that the heat dissipation from your servers will require adequate ventilation and cooling, so this is an important step in protecting your equipment and ensuring maximum productivity.

Nonetheless, server rooms can’t be cooled by just any type of model. Our server room air conditioners have the following features:

  • Automatic restart function – an automatic restart function is imperative in a server room air conditioner because it will help keep the unit running continuously, even in the case of power failure. In other words, you can still keep your equipment cool even at night or on the weekends when central cooling is not available, and in the event of a power outage, the air conditioner will resume operation once the power is restored without you having to reset the controls manually.
  • Ventilation system to displace hot air – server rooms must have a means to expel heat from the server room. As mentioned above, many server rooms are located within the interior of a building, and furthermore, window air conditioners can’t be used because of the security risk presented by an open window. The ideal type of air conditioner for server rooms uses a vent hose to push air out through a drop ceiling or wall.
  • Condensation tank – a server room’s atmosphere requires low humidity levels because too much moisture will cause damage to machinery. However, because air conditioner units act as dehumidifiers and whisk moisture away from the air, this condensate is collected into a condensation tank or bucket.

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