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In space-constrained IT environments, like server rooms, MDFs and network closets, cooling heat-sensitive equipment can be challenging. Because most of these environments were not originally designed to house IT equipment, even the smallest amount of floor space matters.

Tripp Lite’s Self-Contained Rack-Mounted Air Conditioner solves heat-related problems at minimal cost and without requiring any major construction. It is the first EIA-compliant rack-mounted unit specifically designed to cool IT equipment.

With 7,000 BTU of close-coupled cooling capacity, rack ac offers a unique combination of space savings and efficient operation. Its output vent directs cold air upward to cool overheated rack equipment. An included air dam attaches magnetically to the rack’s front door so equipment draws cold air from the air conditioner instead of drawing warm air from the room. An optional exhaust kit allows you to isolate warm exhaust air and direct it to a window or drop-ceiling plenum space. This kit uses magnets to attach the exhaust tube to the rack’s vented door. Because of the magnets, it works with any brand of rack enclosure and there is no need to cut holes in the rack.

If you need an efficient cooling solution for your IT equipment, but don’t have a lot of floor space, order a Rack-Mounted Air Conditioner from Tropicools

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