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BRINE Chiller

Brine chillers are a solution when cooling medium is water with glycol and this occures when low fruid temperature is demanded or glycol must be added to the cooling water in order to protect it from freezing.

Our systems provide constant supply of chilled propylene glycol from -25oC / +7oC. Ethylene glycol can be also used but not in applications where glycol circuits can be in contact with food products.

Brine Chillers can be equipped with integrated air-cooled condenser or can operate with a remote air-cooled or evaporative condenser. They can be for outdoor installation or for indoor installation in a machinery room.

Installed compressors are:

  • scroll type for small applications (until 100 kW) and medium brine temperature (brine supply temperature: +7o)
  • semi-hermetic reciprocating for medium applications and medium to low temperatures  (brine supply temperature: -15o / +7o)
  • semi-hermetic reciprocating 2 stage for very low temperatures (-25o / -15oC) and better energy efficiency
  • semi-hermetic screw compressors for big installations and medium to low temperatures

Our brine chillers are equipped with a special regulating mechanism allowing unceasing smooth operation even in -20oC ambient temperature.

Chilled glycol pumping system and storage tank can be contained inside the unit or can be assembled separately in a compact metal base for easy installation. Pumping system can be one circuit-loop or forming primary and secondary circuits for best adjustability to the cooling demand and significant energy saving. 

Brine mixture refill system

In many applications a brine mixture auto-refill system is recommended. This system provides storage of already prepared mixture of glycol and water and manually or automatically refills the circuits with the lost fluid quantity. Also it detects fluid leakage by means of abnormal pressure drop and generates alarm.

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