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Air to Air Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchangers:

The process of heat exchange is simple: air temperatures within an enclosure are modified by actions from the outside. Air/Water heat exchange is simple effective and efficient. With the aid of cooling water, the air inside on enclosure can be cooled to below the level of ambient temperature. Air/air heat exchangers are for environments where ambient air temperature is at or below the desired interior temperature of enclosure. And as closed system, no external dust or contaminants penetrate the enclosure.

Air To Air Exchanger Highlights..

  • Two separate air circuits prevent dust and pollutants in ambient air from entering an enclosure interior.
  • Mounts to enclosure’s exterior wall.



  • CNC Machine Tools,Drive Panels, PLC Panels,Instrument Panels.
  • CPU Server Enclosures.
  • Telecom Equipment.
  • Medical Electronic Equipment.
  • Process Control Equipment.
  • Robotics.
  • Gas Analyzer Equipment.
  • Crane/Material Handling Equipment.
  • Any Panel Housing Sensitive Electronic Components.
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